Who We Treat

Primary Healthcare

As primary healthcare providers you do not need a doctors referral to consult with us. You may, however, be assured of the very best in diagnostic care with collaboration and referral to other suitable practitioners as necessary.


From the desk to the work site, workers are subjected to many repetitive postures, patterns of movement and potential injury. We are able to work with you to understand all the aspects of your condition or injury, treat it and advise you how to prevent future problems.

Sports People

Whatever your sport or activity and no matter at what level you participate, we are able to help you achieve your maximum performance, fast recovery from injury and minimise further time away from doing what you love.


For effective rehabilitation from accident, surgery or illness it is crucial that the treatment is applied to the correct level at the correct time. Our osteopaths are able to do just this through a thorough understanding of your circumstances and specifically tailor the rehabilitation to your individual needs.


Pregnancy comes with a complex set of changing parameters for both mum and developing baby which can lead to many types of discomfort. Osteopathy is perfectly safe and suited to helping you enjoy your pregnancy and set you up to be in the best shape for your baby’s arrival.


Being born, however it happens, is hard work and then you have to learn about the world outside of Mum’s tum! Babies need osteopathic love too and our osteopaths adore ensuring that your new babe meets the world in the best shape no matter what their birth story. Colic, reflux, breast latch problems and birth trauma are all things that we are able to address and we have a great relationship with local midwives and the Helensville Birthing Centre.


To enjoy childhood most you need to get a few bumps and knocks. Even though kids bounce back, osteopathy is a great way to ensure these events don’t add up and that your little daredevil can get on with the serious business of learning about gravity!


As we get older our ability to soak up injury begins to wane. Regular osteopathy can help you keep going and enjoying life to the full. We sadly aren’t able to turn back time but we can help you manage your aches and pains.

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