Some Frequently Asked Questions About Your Consultation

No. Osteopaths are Primary Health Care Providers which means that you do not need a referral to consult us. This also means you may be assured of the very best in differential diagnostic care and relevant referral if necessary.
We currently run a 45 minute appointment list. However, we treat you on a results basis and not a time basis. This means that if your body takes a shorter amount of time to achieve the desired outcome then the appointment time may be less. This is very important as we try very hard to not "over treat" you and cause a treatment reaction. Conversely, if you are experiencing difficult symptoms we may take a little while longer in our session. Usually, the time required to achieve the desired outcome for you gets shorter as we move through our treatment journey as your body will respond much faster and more easily to Osteopathic intervention. Children and babies respond quickly to Osteopathic intervention and as such, often don't need to be treated for as long as adults.
Although not necessary, should you have a referral please bring that with you. Also, it is really helpful to bring any existing ACC claim details that you may have from another health care provider. If you have any medical reports, XRay or Scan reports or hospital discharge notes then these will be very useful in helping us understand you better.
For those people with complex prescription medications, a pharmacy list of your medicines is also very helpful.
Wearing loose, modest and comfortable clothing is a great idea.
Should you not have any of these easily to hand, don't worry just come along!
The first consultation includes a very thorough case history. Your Osteopath will go through a series of diagnostic questions to fully understand your presenting problem. They will ask you about various aspects of your health and medical history to build up a comprehensive picture of you as a person.
This initial case history takes about 15 minutes.
After the case history the Osteopath will examine you looking at your body shape and getting you to perform movements to see how your body functions.
The Osteopath may ask you to remove your outer layers of clothing so that they may get a clearer picture of what is going on. Wearing loose, modest and comfortable clothing is a great idea.
Special tests such as muscle power or reflex testing may be pertinent and, if needed, the Osteopath might use a stethoscope or other diagnostic equipment.
After this, if it is safe to do so, the Osteopath will treat you.
In the rare occasion where treatment is not appropriate or the Osteopath decides that further information is required a suitable referral may be discussed and generated.
Absolutely YES. The more comfortable, safe, trusting and relaxed you feel the better the treatment outcome. The Osteopaths are very friendly people and are really good at putting you at ease. However, if you would feel more comfortable with a support person then they are most welcome to accompany you. Please note that if you are a minor (under 16 years of age) then it is necessary for a parent or guardian to attend each consultation.
Yes indeed and all fantastically skilled and caring.
If you have a preference as to the gender of your Osteopath please mention this when you book your appointment.
Yes. Our facilities are all on ground level and we can help you with access.
There are many different approaches and techniques involved in Osteopathy. Your Osteopathic practitioner considers them to be tools in the toolbox to be used appropriately and skilfully. During a consultation the Osteopath will draw from the repertoire of techniques from the very gentle functional or "cranial" techniques through to soft tissue "massage" techniques, more active "stretching" approaches and the manipulation or "clicking" techniques. Some of our Osteopaths are also fully qualified to use Western Medical Acupuncture.
Of course the Osteopath remains in constant communication with you about your treatment and will always talk to you before carrying out any form of technique.
You always have to right to decline any technique if you wish and there are always ways to work around this using other approaches.
Everyone in New Zealand is covered by ACC’s no-fault scheme if they’re injured in an accident. This includes children, beneficiaries and students. It doesn’t matter if they’re working, unemployed or retired. It also includes visitors to New Zealand.
The cover ACC provides helps pay for the costs of your recovery. This includes payment towards treatment, help at home and work, and help with your income.
All our practitioners are ACC registered and so can handle all aspects of ACC. If you have an existing ACC claim from a GP or another health care provider we are able to use that providing there is still capacity in that claim. Please bring these details with you and we can check if your existing claim is still active.
If you have had an accident that has resulted in your injury please discuss this at the start with your Osteopath and they can lodge an accident claim for you.
ACC only contribute towards the costs of your treatment so there is a $60 surcharge.
Our professional fees are as follows:

ACC surcharge: $65
Private consultation: $95
Baby or child concession (Non ACC): $75
Late cancellation / non attendance fee: $50
Professional letter or report: $60

Payment is expected at time of consultation.
We accept EFTPOS, cash, cheque or direct bank transfer.
Our booking system sends out email appointment confirmations and reminders to help you schedule your appointments. Should you need to cancel you can do so from a link on one of those emails or give us a phone call.
We usually have a waiting list for appointments so we appreciate as much notice as possible.
This enables us to help as many people as we can.
If you do not attend an appointment or cannot give us enough notice then we may charge you a no show/cancellation fee of $50.
Of course, we don't like to do this and we know that sometimes life throws curve balls so please always give us a call to discuss and re-book your appointment if necessary.
The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights (the Code) establishes the rights of consumers, and the obligations and duties of providers to comply with the Code. It is a regulation under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act.

You can read more about the Code on the Health and Disability Commissioners website here.

Every provider is subject to the duties in the Code. Every provider must take action to inform consumers of their rights and enable consumers to exercise their rights. A provider is not in breach of the Code if he/she/it has taken reasonable actions in the circumstances to give effect to the rights, and comply with the duties, in the Code. The onus is on the provider to prove that reasonable actions were taken.

When you use a health or disability service in New Zealand, you have the protection of a Code of Rights. The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights provides the following 10 rights:

Right 1
The right to be treated with respect.
Right 2
The right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment, and exploitation.
Right 3
The right to dignity and independence.
Right 4
The right to services of an appropriate standard.
Right 5
The right to effective communication.
Right 6
The right to be fully informed.
Right 7
The right to make an informed choice and give informed consent.
Right 8
The right to support.
Right 9
Rights in respect of teaching or research.
Right 10
The right to complain.

The HDC website provides information on the complaints process here.

However, we are always striving to offer the best professional service that we can and are very keen to learn from our mistakes.

If you feel that we could have done anything better please first approach us with confidence about it and we will do our absolute best to find a resolution.
At Osteopathic Natural Health you can be assured that your privacy is guaranteed. We will not pass any information to anyone else without your permission.  We always work within the legislative standards and frameworks relevant to the healthcare sector. This includes (but is not limited to) legislation which promotes and protects the rights of health and disability services consumers, adherence to practitioner competence legislation,  privacy legislation and all mandatory health and safety requirements. All of the osteopaths at Osteopathic Natural Health are registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand.  This is the registration body for all osteopaths in New Zealand. For further information please visit the OCNZ website.
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