Coronovirus Lockdown Telehealth Adventure

At Osteopathic Natural Health we were instantly affected by the Covid 19 coronovirus.

Even before the Level 4 Lockdown we had responded by implementing better-than-standard infection control and hygiene measures. By the time the Country went into Level 3 and 4 and we had to cease physical appointments at our Waimauku and Helensville practices, we had identified that we would have to radically adapt to practice under quarantine conditions.

As Osteopaths, we pride ourselves in being a “hands-on” profession. We love the human side of our treatment approach and it is this powerful aspect that has potent positive effects across the board for our patients. We needed to create some way of maintaining this quality and continuity of care moving forwards.

In response, we spent the first few weeks of Lockdown engineering a Telehealth system. Telehealth is the use of information and communication technologies to deliver health care when patients and care providers are not in the same physical location. It utilises cutting edge internet technologies to bring together many aspects of the Osteopathic consultation. First off, we integrated our web site, online booking, patient management and ACC management systems. The next stage involved adding an on-line exercise prescription service and our brand new website shop, for contact-less rehabilitation equipment and supplementation payment and delivery. This powerful suite of tools enables a positive Telehealth experience.

Obviously, under Telehealth there are limitations; mainly, we cannot physically treat our patients. However, we are able to apply the same rigour in our case history and examination processes as during a physical consultation. Over the video link, we can get you to do diagnostic movements and make observations exactly as we would face-to-face. Osteopaths have detailed anatomical knowledge and, as such, we can guide you through an in-depth understanding of your condition, demonstrate self treatment techniques and offer lifestyle and management advice. We can advise you, with no pressure, if we think you need to purchase any exercise aids and follow this all up with a summary email including a beautiful exercise PDF with clear photographic illustrations and links to demonstration YouTube videos.

We have been busy with this system for the last few weeks and the results have been great. The whole package really helps to change to cycle of irritation in many instances and puts control positively back in the hands of the patient. Hopefully, these measures will enable those in need to get through this next period until we are able to reopen our doors and get our hands on again.

Of course, now we have this fabulous system up and running, you do not need a pandemic to use it! If you are unwell or unable to attend the practice then the Telehealth system just might be what you need.

Book a Telehealth appointment online or give us a ring on (09) 411 5002.

We understand that Telehealth is in its infancy and evolving however, we are committed to following best practices, regulations, standards and guidelines as set out by the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand and the NZ Telehealth Forum and Resource Centre.

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